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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


authority is populist deceit

 bad religion - new maps of hell

it's a BR album, with gurewitz & graffin writing and sixteen tracks. how was i not going to love this disc?

and i do, mostly. much like empire, this one kind of loses steam around the end - i didn't really dig the last two tracks - but everything before it is a barrage of the same old intelligent lyrics, brooks' furious drums, perfectly blended guitar and delicious harmonies - nearly every track is laden with oozin' aahs, which i loved... quite a few songs hearkened back to against the grain... it's really a fantastic disc and a perfect addition to the collection. i hope they keep churning them out - it's impressive that after 20 years they haven't surrendered an ounce of the passion and provocation that makes them who they are.


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