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carved upon my stone

i've been listening to metallica's S&M album all day to get me calm and prepared to teach tonight. i kinda want this DVD now, i'd forgotten how great the album was.

so right across from the cheeseburger cafe (hereby christened CBC) is another great little joint called hot doggin' it... we did lunch there today. so how does it stack up?

the vibe: family-owned - these folks remember your name, talk with you... their sign on the wall: "enter a stranger, leave a friend" seems to be more than just a piece of flair. it's in a strip mall so it's not a large place, 20-30 would pack the house. there's a big screen on the wall, a jukebox that doesn't work, and lots of chicago memorabilia.

the food: they make a mean hot dog, with traditional chi-town toppings (tomatoes, peppers, onion, relish, jalapenos, and a full dill pickle spear, which ruled). they also have kraut dogs, italian/polish sausage, chili dogs... they do burgers and other sandwiches, onion rings and fries (avoid the cheddar fries BTW, they use nacho cheese sauce instead of real cheese)... my loaded chicago dog was tasty, a bit chewy, so i think next time i'm going to go for a sausage. they also do a homemade mustard potato salad. go at least once - they do free soft-serve cones for first timers. it didn't floor me like CBC, but i enjoyed it and i'm going back.


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