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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


ill tuck you in, homie, buenas noches

guitar hero 80's isn't just boring - it flat out sucks. weak track list with some shoddily-transcribed notes that don't match up at all to the song you are playing. run away.

orange box and phantom hourglass drop in a few weeks. til then i am thinking about firing up zork.

had an interesting weekend - my check card got stolen, right? fortunately i found out quickly, as PNC watches for anomalies in my purchasing patterns and calls me when there are strange deviations, like, for example, buying mexican calling cards or random stuff from telemarketers. so i only lost $30 and because PNC gives me a separate card just for use with online purchases, it was trivial to replace. the whole thing was remarkably stress free - after spending the last fifteen years online i'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

artie inspired me a few weeks ago with his excellent chicken tortilla soup, so i braved some potato soup - my first foray, if you don't count the really thin tomato sauce that might as well have been soup. it ended up tasting great, although it was a bit thin as well, gotta dial back the chicken stock next time.

the night before on my cheesesteak, i tried another sauce combo - some of the caribbean jerk sauce we brought back from jamaica + mayo and lemon juice. flat out one of the best sandwich toppings ever - throw some sweet peppers on that ride and you're set.

i've been listening to lots of electronic stuff lately, mostly on The System. i am enjoying, it's a genre i haven't hung out in a lot ever. any fans have any suggestions of good artists to check out?


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Anonymous Artie Says:

Soup is not nearly as difficult as everyone assumes. It's the great.


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