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 kmfdm - tohuvabohu

should have named this album Lunesta - it's putting me to sleep. ahahahaha, i'm here all week.

seriously... bland and uninspired. some of the beats are tasty, but the guitars and vocals are weaker than normal. sounds just like their last two discs, minus most of the interesting stuff. what a bummer. part of the problem is lucia cifarelli, i absolutely cannot stand to listen to her sing anymore, it's like listening to estelle constanza trying to sound like blondie. time to switch her out.

it's interesting reading people's opinions of KMFDM's catalogue - some people, including frontman sascha konietzko, love the discs (xtort and attak for example) that are my least favorite. give me angst and nihil and symbols over those gaudy monstrosities anyday.


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Anonymous Renee Says:

I'll take your word for it then. I need to listen to some of their old stuff again soon.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i got naive not too long ago and i LOVE it. i gotta hook you up.


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