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hey you, american citizen, you want proof that your vote absolutely counts?

the northwest local schools levy passed by two votes. this is crazy exciting news - the district is in desperate need of new materials and supplies, the buildings are in disrepair, and the teachers are among the lowest paid in the state.

but it's more exciting news that two votes can mean the difference - two votes mean that some kids will be getting a better education because of a better environment, and quality books + technology (i've seen the computers in renee's room - i wouldn't give them to my worst enemy). i hope the board of education puts this money to good use - and i hope parents actually bother to take an interest, show up, and hold them accountable. and heck, if a few years from now we are still in the area, i am totally running for school board.


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Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

For Real!!! I"m right there with you. I really want us to move in the NW district so my butt can get on the school board too!! I was so freekin excited to see that pass by 2 votes too! I don't even live in that school district... (YET)


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