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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


you cannot destroy the heart

i usually just skip over public TV channels, but tonight i paused on wired science and, lo and behold, it's actually a tv version of wired. and it was awesome. who knew something else worthwhile would be on PBS?

they talked about satellites, table PC's and RLS which i am still sorta convinced i have.

this was right after episode two of the discovery channel documetary rise of the videogame. renee got pretty tired of me pointing and shouting at every familiar face. "shoe! n'gai! kohler! david jaffe! OMG MIYAMOTO!@#&!*@"

to help allay the typical frustration of me wandering around the grocery store tonight, i fired up the classic mellon collie and the infinite sadness and it made the whole experience way less stressful - it was actually kind of fun. i think i may have startled a few of the middle aged women wandering the aisles... anyway it got me thinking - i never picked up machina back in the day for whatever reason. any recommendations on whether or not it's worth my time?


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

Haven't heard the whole album, but I really dig "Stand Inside Your Love"

Siamese Dream still gives me chills

Blogger Davie Says:

There are some really good songs on Machina, but as an album it tends to be a little on the long side. I'd let you borrow it if I ever saw you... :p

Anonymous Artie Kuhn Says:

Artie's grocery shopping tip of the day: spend a minute before you leave the house and rewrite your grocery list in order of where things are from left to right. Makes trips about half as long.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Solid tip, but I always forget how it's laid out..heh.

Ryan's grocery shopping tip of the day: NEVER go grocery shopping while hungry.


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