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i finished up galaxy right before we left - probably the fastest i ever completed a mario game. i can whip thru SMB3 in just under 30 minutes now, but i've never completed one in less than a week on my first time through. none of the final battles have been so satisfying as galaxy's, though. i have 52 stars left to find out of 120 - and i think i may just try to tackle all of them.

we saw my family thursday - something i have looked forward to for weeks - and then bounced out to indiana until this morning. we managed to get our tree up and in the process i dug out my old SNES. sadly i am missing a power adapter (maybe gamestop sells them - adrian just got a job there, sweetness). i was thinking about converting one of the controllers to USB - i also may bring it into the office (although i won't be around much in december - bell is taking all our extra PTO, so i'm taking a few weeks off during the holidays). hope you all got to be with loved ones during thanksgiving and got to attack some delicious eats.

it's coming up - motion city soundtrack + anberlin + mae on december 13 at bogarts - gonna be a great show...


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Grats on galaxy. And yes, bring that snes into the office pronto! I foresee a December of much game playing due to the change freezes, especially since you won't be there :(

I guess Tuesday would have been a good time to give you the money to give to Adrian...dang. We'll work that out soon.


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