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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


in spite of years of silence

hamrick and i just played rock band up at best buy over lunch. OMG.

the dynamic on its own is almost identical to guitar hero... but the addition of another person on a different instrument into the mix makes the experience SO much better. the four-player experience must be intoxicating.

the drums were super easy to pick up and play and were so much fun - i braved vasoline on medium and got through with only a few mistakes (mostly because i was hitting the outside rim of the drum pad instead of the pad itself).

the guitar tracks are easier than GH - i set the difficulty on medium for say it ain't so and it was as slow as the easy setting on GH. the guitar felt a lot more solid, less toy-like, with better buttons, a much better strum bar and a very realistic whammy bar.


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