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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


everything is yours to lose

well chase this light is just a step above mediocre, at least on the first few listens. maybe it'll grow on me. i do find myself skipping big casino every time i play it. the water hasn't drained out of the pool, but it is certainly lukewarm. the rollercoaster of emotion that bleed american was, has been reduced to a whirl around the merry-go-round. how many more ridiculous analogies can i cram into this review?

there's a handful of tracks that i do really like - let it happen, here it goes, dizzy - but it's not all standouts like i've come to expect. maybe butch vig brought them down? who knows.

i finished up portal, which for a three hour game was incredibly satisfying, funny, and deep. game of the year quality. and hamrick's favorite jonathan coulton finishes it out with a hilarious song in the credits.

this saturday could contain the best or worst ten minutes of my life. i'm not really sure anyone loses at this thing, though.


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Blogger Davie Says:

Butch Vig brought them down?! You do remember that this is the man behind Nevermind and Siamese Dream, right? :p

Portal was fantastic.

The cake is a lie.

Blogger B-Call Says:

you're going to be doing nothing other than eating donuts and drinking milk for ten minutes.
what else could you possibly want to do for ten minutes?

wait, don't answer that.

its going to be amazing.
the Golden Donut is ready and waiting for you.

Blogger Simon Says:

I told you already, The Gooch is a lock to win this thing. He can shove things in his mouth at an enormous rate!

I'm starting to feel sick just thinking about it...

Blogger B-Call Says:

you guys aren't backin' out on me, are ya?
i'll end up calling you Jeri.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

Dave - i know! that's why i was so shocked - i expected a masterpiece here, and it's really just so-so.

Brain - i'm not backing out at all. i am, like Simon, expecting that this will be ten minutes of pleasure for several hours of pain... but what a glorious ten minutes...

i'm really a distance runner with eating, though, not so much a sprinter. i'm curious to see how i perform.

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, I agree with J, I can eat like 2 dozen donuts, but it'll take a little more than 10 minutes. The Gooch however will put down at least 10 donuts!


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