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all we want to do is change your mind

there are lots of other dudes named justin hall out there. one was one of the first internet celebrities, one is another geek blogger. one is an engineer with GE Transportation out in Missouri, and folks in the company often mistakenly send me email meant for him. today i got one that fascinated me.

apparently Justin S. Hall got on the news after dropping 40lbs on a Chipotle Diet. one burrito a day, plus fruit and salad and water. i hit him up and he pointed me to his site with the whole story.

i doubt it's sustainable, especially for someone like me who (1) hates water (2) loves to cook (3) gets tired of repetition fairly quickly. but i love fruit, i love salad, and i could probably change my burrito up enough to make it work. intriguing, no?


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Blogger Darren Says:

I tried the Chipotle diet and Gained 40 pounds. It is clearly my favorite diet. I'll do the Chipotle diet with you if you want to try.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Yeah right, dude. You can't eat the same thing everyday, it's a proven fact.

There aren't enough configurations of burritos to sate your desire for change.

Blogger Artie Kuhn Says:

And it'll cost you right around $500 a month. ($8 x 2/day x 30 days).

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

is that $8 in canadian dollars? where on earth do burritos cost that much?

at 1 burrito/day and $6 including tax you're looking at $180 a month...

let's say you tack on another $100 a month in fruit + salad. considering what we normally throw down per month in groceries + eating out, it's not too bad. it's still probably not gonna happen - hamrick is right, my attention span is far too short for this to succeed - but i don't know if cost would be the limiting factor.

Anonymous Artie Says:

This is what I get for not reading the post. I thought it was a burrito for lunch + diner, not 1 for both. The extra two bucks was for salad and fruit per meal, which is probably low if you're not buying stuff on sale and assembling @ home. Not too cheap considering my lean cuisine microwave slop is a buck when I stock up when they're on sale.

Anonymous Artie Says:

Screw it. Do it dude. Can't hurt to try something new. Look at the System. He's making things happen.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

that guy has willpower i can only dream of. heh, earlier in the week we did lunch with a vendor at dewey's and he had real pizza for the first time in a long time... the look on his face was priceless.

btw, dewey's "The Other" specialty pizza == excellent. pesto sauce, chicken, and tomato, it's brilliant.

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, I tried that with Dr. Pepper, it only lasted 15 days until I almost died...


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