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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


leave me at the roadside

balls of fury was okay. sadly mediocre. its a cameofest, though, if that's your thing.

do me a favor, don't open any PDF files you get via email for a little while, cool?

apparently the ipod touch is sort of lame. ruh roh. don't buy it! by christmas, apple will have cut the price in half and you will get screwed.

did you realize that Guitar Hero 3 will be out in a month? have you seen the (rumored) song list??? FRICK. knights of cydonia, prayer of the refugee, bulls on parade, welcome to the jungle, sabotage, paranoid, cherub rock... that is WORTHY.

colerain had to have homecoming tonight in a non-air-conditioned gym. PLEASE vote for the levy if you live in the district. remember homecoming? think about that dance, in 95 degree weather, already nervous guys sweating like pigs, like a human farmhouse in formalwear. ugh.

can someone please track down an online video of that burger king ad with the ninja chicken? i don't think i can watch it enough, and it's nowhere to be found, and that is a crime.


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Blogger Rob Says:

Knights of Cydonia, eh?

That's a pretty quality song.


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