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neurological dryer lint

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play my little part in something big

i was going to wait until post one thousand to drop the new layout. but that seemed too ostentatious?

i've been trying to check out universal's new music store spiralfrog... but the bloody site won't even load. strike one was the name, strike two is the speed, and i assume strike three is being unable to use the songs from the store on an ipod.

let this be a lesson to you all - if you are annoying at a political rally in florida, you will get tasered. bro.

i cannot wait to hear the generational divide on this one. older folks across the country spouting "spare the taser, spoil the child", eschewing the benefits of strict, physical discipline... the ACLU suing the university, citing first amendment violation and excessive force... we're going to be listening to this story until 2008 at the least.

can someone explain to me why i want to see this movie?


for this post

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

i <3 the new layout. it rocks.

Blogger B-Call Says:

the new layout looks like you're having a boy, but i like it.
never heard of that movie, and i can promise you that after reading the plot summary, i won't go see it and i'll still be living life to the full. maybe you should have gone pink with the new layout.

"Don't taser me, bro!"
priceless. that quote is going on every shirt i ever make.

Blogger Simon Says:

yeah, crazy new layout dude. Are you trying to tell us that you're having a baby?

I tried Spiral Frog the other day to no avail. Every song I looked for wasn't on their site so I just tried to download anything I could, and it never happened. I'm not too sure how it's supposed to work. You've got to install their "Download Assistant" which is probably some sort of spyware/keystroke robber thingy to steal all your passwords. But When I clicked on a song to download, nothing ever happened. Sounds like a cool idea, pay for the music through advertising and selling customers email addresses. Whatever gets me free music I guess...

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

heh. no, no baby, i just dig the color and it seemed to fit better than the grey or the navy blue. but i'm certainly no color expert.

i hadn't read the plot synopsis for Across The Universe - it looks a little sappy - but the trailer is what roped me in, the visual effects look sweet.

i finally got a login for spiralfrog and upon seeing that i needed to install a 'download manager' i kinda lost interest.

Anonymous artie Says:

Like the layout. Anyway you can cut down on the margin around the text so it's a little closer to the border of the boxes? If you could, cutting it in half would make it look even nicer.

Blogger Bragg Says:

Anyway you could make the comment boxes white with black lettering? Maybe I'm getting old, but the white on light blue is kind of hard to read. Of course, I could just come back to this comment thread and read everything...

meh...I'm lazy

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

messed around with the margins and comment box colors. that any better / more readable? other suggestions?

Blogger B-Call Says:

don't tempt me.

Blogger Bragg Says:

My God this is hotter than the night I spent with a $13 Canadian hooker.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

to clarify - was she Canadian, or did she charge you in Canadian dollars?

cally - here's your shirt.

Blogger B-Call Says:

holy turd, that shirt is hott.
i was thinking of something simple, though.
like a plain white T with, "Don't tase me, bro!" written with a black sharpie.
simple and cheap, my friend.
just like the Lance Ito Fan Club shirts.

Blogger Simon Says:

J, it doesn't matter anymore, the damn Canadians are screwing us all now. We're letting their money be equal to ours:

Blogger Darren Says:

What was your take on the whole tasing thing? I was listening to fox news to get the conservative perspective and I think O'Reilly basically called the kid a girl for screaming when he got tased.

I think the police have the idea here. I want to start tasing people for talking to. So everytime I see someone say something I don't agree with I'll just give them a quick jolt. Example: "What do you mean don't like Duck Tales as much as Darkwing Duck. (Taser) Hurts like hell doesn't it? That's right, you'll think twice before making outrageous comments like that again. DT rules (Taser)."

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

leave it to cops to overreact. the kid was being annoying... not sure if it warranted that kind of response, as they could have dragged him completely out of the room (there were several of them) at which point i would imagine his attention-starved nature would have promptly vanished and the electrical jolt wouldn't have been necessary.

that said, the kid was warned, and being annoying, and he should have followed their directions ("chill out or we will taser you"). i'm sure the cops were just following standard procedure, which unfortunately doesn't dictate the most appropriate course of action 100% of the time.

sadly the ten things to remember when confronted by police list is applicable here. cops aren't paid to think for themselves, really. i don't think they disliked what the kid was saying - he was being unruly and resisting their commands, and anyone who resists needs to be controlled immediately.

the keyword here is anyone. most cops stick to their predefined process when engaging a suspect and don't seem to spend a lot of time using independent thought on how best to proceed in what could be considered 'grey areas' like this. even if he didn't present an immediate danger to the surrounding crowd, because he didn't do what they said, he was physically punished.

the base question becomes: do police, or anyone entrusted with authority over others, always know best? should their directions be blindly followed at all times? can you trust them? especially with looming threat of physical punishment? what happens when riot police turn the pain ray gun on protestors?

listen to me. we should be laughing about this thing, not holding it up as an Orwellian example of authority gone amok. and this coming from me.

the whole thing seems very overblown, once again the media has used what amounts to an insignificant incident to polarize the country.

Blogger Simon Says:

I totally think that was hilarious! Dude getting dragged out and tasered! Everyone who talks stupid like that should be tasered. It's just funny to see people get zapped! I think we should all get to carry around tasers and zap anyone that's acting like a fool...


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