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how it breaks the heart

i've been staring intently into computer monitors since i was two years old, and i've never seen one this annoying. specifically my macbook is suffering from the infamous screen flickering problem, where the screen will randomly flicker in brightness between normal and dim. does it in both OS X and windows. that article is from december of last year, and this apple support thread is from even further back in august, and yet the problem still hasn't been acknowledged by the manufacturer.

first the discoloration, then the fragile little power cord starts sparking and needs replacing, and now this, and i've had the system a little over a year. i think going apple was a mistake - while i do like the keyboard's feel and the embedded camera (that i never use), this whole reliability / quality thing is bothering me. i have a dell d600 at the office that is going on three years old and has been flawless, while taking much more of a beating than the apple has. will it even last another two years?


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Blogger Bragg Says:

funny how convincing a mac user that this is not just an isolated incident, but a real problem with a machine that is supposed to be "infallible".

have they argued for so long of the machine's invincibility that they can't accept the fact there are issues?

but maybe we're the hyper-critical ones responding to issues so we feel more secure in the pc world...

i have my opinion, but it's worth less than the media used to store documents in 1988.

i just wish i could get my hands on a camera that doesn't make my night photos look like they were washed in the grain elevators of kansas...

Blogger ryanham Says:

Ah the pitfalls of being an early adopter. Lame!

Blogger Artie Kuhn Says:

What do they say @ the Apple Store? They've always done me right.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i'm afraid to take it up there and lose it for too long, in the middle of the quarter, renee kind of needs it around.

that said, most of the people in the support thread above say that apple replaced a part of the LCD and that the flicker goes away for a few weeks and then returns. there is no permanent hardware fix.

Anonymous Artie Says:

That sucks.


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