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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


hold them down our bleeding suspects

can you believe it's going to be 90 here in cinci this weekend? yes, i'm sure you can, if you've lived here for more than a few months. ugh.

phantom hourglass came out on tuesday. i usually find myself subconsciously attenuating my opinions about media to reviews i've read beforehand, which is why i try to avoid movie reviews before i see them - if the reviewer thinks a movie is slowly paced, for example, i will feel like it's dragging while i'm watching it. it's a subconscious thing and quite inconsistent, but it's still there.

so the reviews for this new zelda have been pretty high, and i figured the same phenomena would present itself. not so. this game has annoyed me from minute one, and it's mostly because of the stylus-only controls. i adapted fairly quickly to twilight princess' new wii-based control scheme... this one isn't working as well.

i wrote up some thoughts regarding the control issues - which really are the most frustrating during fast-paced boss battles - about two hours into the game. another three and i'm a little more comfortable, but still missing the classic d-pad + button system, and since this whole game is based on the 'innovative controls' i'm finding myself wishing it was over already. i even had to switch off from the DS' tiny plastic stylus to a larger metal pen-stylus combo - because otherwise my hand blocks the screen the entire time i'm playing. apparently no one thought of that potential problem. don't believe the hype!

frozen strawberries + pineapple juice + cranberry-pomegranate juice + magic bullet == crazy delicious.

hey there's an ad on for an allergy-control drug called veramyst on, and in that ad, they say "The way VERAMYST works is not entirely understood". sweet, sign me up.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

i was thinking of picking this game up soon because of all the hype. i've never really been into Zelda and have never owned a title from the series.
i guess i'll think twice now.
dude, how in the H do you have time to sit and play any game for 2-3 hours?
that veramyst ad has nothing on the viagra commercial with all the dudes sitting around, playing guitar and singing "VIVAAAA VIAGRA!"

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I haven't seen that Viagra commercial, but please tell me it's to the tune of "Viva Las Vegas."

Blogger B-Call Says:

indeed it is.


its magical!

Blogger Simon Says:

Here's your Veramyst commercial:


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Justin--Its Eric. Adrian got Athlete of the Week over here in case you want to give him a shout-out. His mug will be at LaRosas in a ghetto crooked frame in two weeks.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

dude, thanks for the heads up, that rules. he's finally in the larosas hall of fame. i guess i didn't get all the athletic talent in the family... and by that i mean absolutely none...


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