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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


detonations in the distance

i mentioned a while back that kmfdm's xtort album was one of my least favorites, even though lead singer sascha k thinks it's one of their best. i hadn't listened to it since 1996, though, so eleven years later i figured i'd give it another chance, and what do you know, i liked it. a lot. i think because it wasn't as well produced as nihil i was disappointed, but compared to their recent outings it's a refreshing listen. glad i didn't throw it away or sell it back.

big mark up at BFM has been hyping his bengal burger all year, and it finally debuted recently. i brought a few home and grilled one up tonight, and true to recent form i couldn't down the entire 1/2 pounder. it was way tasty (albeit a bit too spicy) - ground chuck mixed with onion, red pepper, orange bell pepper, asiago cheese, dill, and garlic. grilling on the balcony, i almost took some pictures - the fog and rain shrouded the forest and its myriad leaves in the dimming evening light.

i ended up settling on directv hd after i found out i could get free installation by signing up at best buy. they are coming on wednesday morning, sweet action. i'm hoping they show BSG:Razor in HD, which is shaping up to be pretty solid.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

that burger just sounds wrong.
just stick with lean beef, well seasoned, and your own toppings. that's a can't miss.

Blogger Simon Says:

What's DirecTv gonna run you? I'm about to switch cause Time Warner just jacked up my bill $23/month. But every time they do that, I call and complain and they drop it back down so it's just a matter of calling.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

if you get it thru Cinbell you get a discount off your Bell monthly fee. so it's gonna be $60 a month for service, minus $6 from my Bell service, total of $54/month. that's the "Choice Xtra" + HD + HBO...

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

except now i can't use directv hd, i can't get three of the five satellite signals through our trees. frick. guess i am switching back to time warner. although the rates are exactly the same as directv, minus the $6 discount.

Blogger B-Call Says:

haha! welcome to my hell, buddy.


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