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let the factories rust

i won't be joining the world of competitive eating anytime soon. duh. der gooch won the contest this morning with 9 donuts in ten minutes. looks like my change in eating habits has permanently affected my ability to eat fast, though. when i was a kid i could down an entire little ceasar's pizza in about seven minutes; now it's all i can do to complete a burrito or a rack of ribs.

i wasn't in this thing to win, though - just to enjoy myself, which i did, even though glazed donuts suck. ed definitely deserves that golden donut - a thing of beauty.

so i actually made an effort to hit the reunion this weekend - however part 2, the d&b's outing, was canceled, so darren and artie and i and our wives had lunch instead. it worked out better than i could have hoped.

so if you enjoyed america: the book, you will devour colbert's i am america (and so can you) - just as funny, and obviously aimed at the gallavanting-pundit audience. i particularly loved his section on old people.


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Blogger Simon Says:

Hey, didn't you lose to Jeri? Oh, and what if you would have entered the kid's bracket, would you have won that?

Nope, the kid's winner ate 6 donuts. Sorry Justin, maybe next year.

He was Justin's quote before the competition began.

"I think I can eat 20 donuts, that 1/2 a donut every 10 seconds, that's doable"

Your math isn't the only thing flawed here buddy...


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