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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


a pillow made of concrete

wake up, mister vice president. california is on fire.

the first guitar hero was not only totally novel, it was finely executed from beginning to end. the biggest star - the track list - was never too dull and never too overwhelming. you could play it straight through and the tracks just fit together. it was like a perfectly arranged playlist (something i have worked my entire life to successfully craft).

number two had some gems - them bones, trippin' on a hole, sweet chi-eee-ild - and also quite a few tracks that were pretty blah (surrender, tattooed love boys). quality was more polarized. guitar hero 3 is a mile down that road. there are even more intense experiences, like one, evenflow, anarchy in the UK, and rock you like a hurricane; and there are some downright awful ones - story of my life, paint it black, hit me with your best shot... heck the entire first two tiers are miserable. i almost nodded off during mississippi queen and in the middle of barracuda i stopped caring about whether or not i beat the song.

some of the other changes are good: the graphics are gorgeous (or maybe it's because it can do 480p now) and there are these cartoon cutscenes about your band's rise to fame that i kind of wish they did more with; the bad changes: the boss fights are dumb. you have to make a computer-controlled legendary guitarist like tom morello fail in a competition with you by hitting note combos that give you 'attacks' that screw him up. it's awkward, painful, and a total nuisance - should have been chucked.

the great songs still make up for the bad; things like the bonus video from the sex pistols on their reunion to re-record anarchy) are some of the sweetest extras i've seen in a game. but the series has lost much of its magic, and rock band is certainly going to finish them off. sorry GH4.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

like the vp can actually do something about the wildfires. what do you want him to do? put on gear and drag a hose across san diego county? dudes hogtied by the cushiest job on the planet. THE MAN is holding him down.
look at him. he clearly wants to do something.

Blogger B-Call Says:

dude. friday night... American Gangster. what's up?
denzel is so friggin' hott.

Blogger Simon Says:

well at least the animals are getting along...

I don't blame him for falling asleep. I mean this CRAP has been going on for how long now? What is Dick going to do?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

American Gangster confirmed. hamrick already watched it BTW, jerk...

so any web geniuses know why embed tags kill my CSS styles? i assume it has something to do w/the styles in the document i am referencing....

Blogger B-Call Says:

you thanked that taint for the invite, right?

Anonymous Artie Kuhn Says:

Your css probably isn't set up to handle embed. What's the problem? It's displaying fine on Safari and Firefox on the Mac. It's probably because PC IE uses the object tag and the others use embed (or vice versa), so you have to wrap one inside the other. Search your css for embed or object and replcate what it says for the other. Did that make any sense?

Also, might not have anything to do with CSS, but with how you're coding the embed. I prefer embedding using SWFObject. More info here. More info on embed vs. object here.

Blogger Simon Says:

As Lubbers would say, "It probably your j-pegs conflicting with your gigahertz, and your bitmaps overwriting your hypertext..."

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

actually yeah, IE renders it just fine. the problem is with firefox - both linux and windows kill the indent and href styling. i tried to add another div tag right after the embed for the SWF and it didn't help. my stylesheet doesn't have any modifiers for embed tags... blast...


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