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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


your heart was an open book

i was struck this afternoon listening to heart shaped box, driving home from work, and i found myself confronted with an incredibly specific memory of the first time i saw the video. i remembered sitting on my parents' couch in '93. i remember being stunned at the tempo, the mood of the track. looking back now i think i was wondering at how it sounded mature and childish at the same time, but at the time i thought "what happened to nirvana?". of course now it's silly, it feels at home in their lexicon, and i think it's funny how disappointed i get when a band seemingly changes direction mid-career.

speaking of nirvana singles - did you know that teen spirit video director samuel bayer is the greatest video director of all time?

it seems there is a contender for greatest film soundtrack of the nineties, too - watching grosse pointe blank tonight with renee, i just noticed how deep, humorous, and thoughtful the soundtrack is. probably because it was assembled by joe strummer...


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