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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the guns of love disastrous

so i was supposed to be in austin this wednesday - friday on business, but the trip got moved til april. wasn't too big of a deal, at least it'd be a bit warmer... that is until i read about this.

yep, that is correct, a reunion screening of the classic 80's gamer flick the wizard, with appearances by the director todd holland, luke edwards (who played little jimmy), and of course, fred savage. the event included some theater-screen mario 3, a ton of memorabilia and autograph sessions.

and it was held (of course) at the awesome alamo theater, where b and i watched lost last year while in the city. a few miles from the hotel i would have been staying at. right after the end of the event i was going to be in town for. oh, it breaks the heart...


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Blogger Simon Says:

You missed your chance to meet FRED SAVAGE! He's so dreamy!

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