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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


nobody gonna take my head

we revisited rooster's on friday night. any place that can seat four of us in less than an hour at 7:30 is a miracle... i was impressed to sit down in ten minutes. and eat some of the biggest frickin wings i've ever had - no joke, ten of these wings were about the mass of twenty of BW3's equivalent. bonzo! they were delicious.

i played a ton of uncharted over the weekend. i have heard it's a must-play for PS3 owners; i'm not really finding it as such. it's about 75% run & gun, and 25% platforming/exploration, and i wish the balance was 50/50, because the combat is a little weak. run into an area, hide awkwardly behind cover spots (which are usually impossible to maneuver) and shoot at the same four bad guys with a drastically slow aiming system. climbing through the ruins is great, though, the visuals are gorgeous and make you want to actually be there - something a game has never done for me before. definitely glad i didn't buy it - it's a perfect rental.

i also discovered i'm not a jukebox hero, because i failed miserably singing that track in rock band; not even adrian's stellar guitar could save me. well, actually, he and renee saved me three times and i still bombed it. what the crap? guess next time i let mom sing and only pick up the mic during the 90's stuff where i actually know every note. ugh.

happy birthday, LEGO, the greatest "toy" from my childhood, but it was really more than that... because you built your own world, planets, towns, vehicles, you could be law enforcement or an alien or a pirate or an off-roader, all built with the same bricks. my LEGOs have lasted through twenty years - my childhood as well as my brother's - and some of the stuff both of us built still stands to this day. back in 06 when we visited the LEGO store in chicago i picked up a little barrel of some random bricks and every once in a while i get the urge to grab them off the shelf and build something. i usually shove that urge back, feeling foolishly childlike... maybe i should let that guy out more.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

roosters, is that the place in front of the springdale cinemas?
bigger wings than even quaker steak???
i certainly hope that bigger doesn't = better.

away from me satan.

Anonymous Renee Says:

They're coming out with the Indiana Jones playsets. There is one in there with an Egyptian theme that I want. And the video games will be out this year. :)

Blogger Simon Says:

Here's how Hobbs described Roosters to me..."It's like Hooters without the hooters"
That's classic...

Blogger B-Call Says:

what the H does that mean?
is that anything good?

Anonymous Dad Says:

I am glad you still like Lego's because you are going to get a ton of them when you get a house.



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