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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


it's like giants falling down

could there be a sweeter desktop background than this?

yep - cause it's right here.

please tell me it's not true - hayden christensen as Case in the new adaptation of neuromancer... worst idea ever. at least cast viggo mortensen, he's the right age, or if you have to lower it to make him like a modern hacker, use jonathan rhys meyers or nick stahl or someone you won't confuse with a piece of plywood.


for this post

Blogger Simon Says:

That's pretty random. I dig the Optimus/Snake Eyes pic. Snake Eyes was always my fav G.I. Joe Character. Just wondering why it's not Duke in that picture though?

Blogger B-Call Says:

mine was barbeque.
where's he at???
the black man, gettin' the shaft again.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

dude, barbeque was a white guy... maybe you're thinking of roadblock?

simon - cause duke is a schmuck and snake eyes is a pimp, clearly.

BTW, they are casting the movie right now. no matter what stupid decisions are made, they got ray park as snake eyes, and that's all that matters. word.

Blogger Simon Says:

GI Joe is going to SUCK ASS, but the fact that Darth Maul/Toad is playing Snake Eyes might make it somewhat bearable, and Mr. Echo (from Lost) is Heavy Duty.

I looked at Ray Parks IMDB page, and they have him listed as playing Chuck Norris in "The Legend of Bruce Lee", that's funny...why can't Chuck Norris be Chuck Norris?

Blogger Nickolini Says:

J...speaking of Viggo Mortensen, we watched Eastern Promises the other night...pretty good flick.


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