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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


confidence and character complete

i scored (if that is an appropriate term) some tickets to the cbell-sponsored rascal flatts show tonight down at music hall... before you ask, i haven't quite gone country, renee is a fan... although this is one band in the genre that admittedly i don't mind, most others make me a little queasy. the show was equally tolerable - filled to the mud-covered bin with wal-mart references, sappy love songs with twelve part harmonies, and girls screaming and swooning like they were watching the beatles.

musically? well they can write successful country songs, at least, and minus the vocal twang and absurd lyrics they're a talented rock band. although there were like twenty guys onstage playing and only three of them were actually the band we came to see. did i just describe a nine inch nails show?

so yeah, it was okay, the show was energetic, the band seemed down-to-earth and the whole thing was hosted by brad johansen, cris collinsworth, anthony munoz, and the indomitable jack cassidy. the show itself was a benefit/launch for a sweet project that these guys (along with some other cinci notables like bob castellini) are starting called UGIVE, essentially a social networking site that allows high school students, schools, and charities to team up on volunteer projects and groups.

needless to say i'm a little more excited for motion city + anberlin + mae on thursday. yep.


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Anonymous Artie Kuhn Says:

Brad Johansen goes to my church. Does a thing every year for the Superbowl.

Go Crossroads.

Blogger B-Call Says:

oh yeah? well I kicked Johansen's ass in a t-shirt cannon competition about 6 years ago.
beat that.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I'm glad my wife doesn't like crappy music....er....I mean....I'm glad you had fun with your wife.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

ow dude

renee's taste is fairly broad - she is equally comfortable with country, jazz, and punk rock; but still discerning out of those genres. she likes who she likes and doesn't like who she doesn't. she's a lot more mature than me in that - she's much less of an elitist snob than me or other folks i know...

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I know it is my greatest quality....and fault. I used to hate people like me. What's happening?


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