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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


discourse your saving song

one of the reasons mario galaxy gets my game of the year vote is the way it encouraged me to hone my skills. this is not something i have done much in years of gaming... gabe from PA recently said "I don't play games for the challenge. I don't need or want to be punished by a game for making mistakes. I play games for what Ron Gilbert calls "new art". I play to see the next level or cool animation. I don't play games to beat them I play games to see them."

i really took that to heart. i'm not much of a completist - i will happily play through a game til i've gotten all the fun out of it that i can and then move on. guitar hero is a great example - i was very happy to finish each of the three GH games on medium w/five stars on each song, play through a dozen or so on hard, and then stop. i don't care much about being like this kid. or another example, ninja gaiden on the original xbox - that game was so hard it stopped being fun after a few hours (PA got that right too; some folks would play through every level a hundred times trying to get that one attack right to get to the end. not for me - that just seems like torture, there is absolutely nothing entertaining about that process.

or take SF2 - i've probably played more street fighter 2 in my life than any other gamem and i think i'm decent, but i watch vids like this and know i will never be at that level. as much as i talk about games (at least on this blog), getting that good has never been that huge of a priority.

all of this is to say - mario galaxy was different somehow. i finished it not too long after i picked it up... but every single level, every challenge, was different from the last - even though there were about a dozen or so that were "collect 100 coins in this level", each one of those was varied. some of the challenges were sickeningly hard - but in the past where my controller would have been long since destroyed in frustration, something about the design of this game made me want to keep going, learn what i did wrong and try to fix it, even if it took 30 or 40 tries. and on the levels where i started out and said "there is NO WAY i will ever beat that" - knocking those out were immensely satisfying. well done, miyamoto-san, you are truly a genius.

speaking of street fighter, i got my issue of EGM with the street fighter 4 cover story recently - i haven't been this excited about a magazine showing up in my mailbox since i was ten years old waiting for my copy of nintendo power. there are a ton of details emerging on SF4 and they all look solid.

speaking of other potential game-of-the-year contenders - i would have put orange box over galaxy had it run at a decent speed on my PC. that said, portal is my #2.

finally - the 1up show has a great feature on burnout paradise, which i am losing my mind in anticipation for, check it out and see for yourself.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

Ninja Gaiden WAS difficult, but I didn't have to perfect every move in order to beat it.

It was frustrating that the level bosses were more difficult to beat than the game boss...

Regardless, I know it frustrated you to no end to come home and see me playing that thing. I still appreciate the release that gave me during a stressful year. I know I can't make up for that, but thanks...

Blogger Bragg Says:

Anyway, my point was supposed to be that I appreciated that game because it was one that I actually beat (there is a short list of games that I have conquered). To be a game I pwned before you did was just another victory for a noob like me.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yep, you definitely persevered in that game way past my point of giving up. if i thought that type of game was fun i probably would have stuck it out and finished, just because i love the original NES ones so much.

i think the only somewhat frustrating thing was that the xbox was in my room - and so i couldn't escape it if i wanted to :) in any case, you and the other sadists will likely enjoy the sequel which looks GORGEOUS, a whole lot tougher, and chock with new features (like the ability to take off individual limbs from enemies, and partially regenerating health a-la Halo).

Blogger Bragg Says:

That does look gorgeous. Only thing is I have to pony up the cheddar for a 360, and that's the equivalent of 4-5 hours of flight time...


Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

Dude I want the SF4 game...BUT NOT FOR CHRISTMAS RYAN

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