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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


you're the only song i want to hear

so the rest of the weekend kept in pace with the miracle of the churrascaria.


  • the museum of science and industry. quite a few interesting exhibits - including game on, their history-of-video-games exhibit, with a ton of old-school classics and multiplayer console games; networld, a exhibit on networking and information technology that had me fascinated (with an excellent visual piece on packet-switched and dynamically routed systems); and the genetics exhibit that had renee fascinated.
  • chicago-style deep dish. thank heavens for google local which made this whole trip work - maps, obviously, but more than that, reviews on stuff to do. i know it was like five years ago, but what did we do before google?
  • the woodfield mall. you know how kenwood mall looks now after the renovation? multiply that sucker by like six. third largest in the US, apparently. we only stopped in for like an hour, and (mercifully) darren and i broke off to check out things that weren't shoes. most impressive: the lego store. walk to the back, and there's a WALL OF LEGO. they give you a bucket, and you fill it up with whatever you want from the wall for like six bucks. you know i hit that.

so then on sunday...

  • we drove past willow creek church, famously grown by christian superhero Bill Hybels (not really to mock the guy, he's a great writer). dude... i thought the mall was big. megachurch is truly an accurate moniker. i guess if that's your style, mang, do it up.
  • ikea. the place was bigger than the other two i'd been to, but didn't have any of the stuff i needed. frickin swedish.

so now we're home, and things are back to semi-routine, a routine that i missed for a few minutes, go figure. next weekend is the NIN show, which i totally forgot about, heck yeah.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

so... you scored with a lego wall, huh?
"you know I hit that,"
hmmmm, you've been married too long.

Blogger ryanham Says:

No, now he's in our stage of marriage.

Oh, and Dude, Swedish American is the preferred nomenclature.

Blogger Davie Says:


let's hope this doesn't happen saturday.

Blogger Simon Says:

You're going to the show!?! That's awesome. Have fun

Anonymous Artie Says:

Isn't that always true of ikea? They never have the cool stuff, just 1000 cheesy cd holders and pillows.


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