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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


pagin' me at 5:46

i was going to write extensively about how renee and i have been playing the NES since i got it fixed - even to the point where she's looking up stuff on the web about how to get past stuff in some games, or how she beat me in Blades Of Steel... but she'd worry that all six people who read my site would think she was a video game dork. trust me, people - i get more than enough ridicule from her for being a gamer. she's not there yet. but man... there's something about getting beaten by your wife in a hockey video game that's hot.

unlike the super bowl which was barely better than a high school football game. trick (or 'gadget') plays, weak QBs (9/21, 123 yards, 0 TD / 2 INT? nothing 'big' about that), receivers who can't shut their mouth and can't catch the ball.. i felt like i was at a northwest game. and the commercials were weak too, with a sole exception, that is conspicuously absent from many of the 'ad' websites, including sprint's own homepage. kudos to bradley on the chocolate chip cheese ball, and to simon on the chicken and cheese dip, and to whoever made 'em (i think it was eric) on the tasty meatballs in the plastic football-shaped crock pot that amazingly didn't melt.

tomorrow - street fighter alpha 3 max. who knows how much i've poured into capcom's bank account playing street fighter games, but it isn't ending any time soon. i decided to skip out on mega man: maverick hunter x for now... they need to knock the price down a ways before it'll be worth it. and hey! we get a mail client soon, a long absent feature.


for this post

Blogger B-Call Says:

I wish my wife would play some games with me. So far her coolest game moment was when I was playing Madden on the PS2 on a Wednesday afternoon and she said, "Who's football game is on a Wednesday?"
To which I replied, "This isn't a real game. I'm playing a video game."
"Whoa!" She said.
That's about as cool as it gets in my house.

Blogger B-Call Says:

Oh, and if she beats you in Blades of Steel, I'm going to kick you.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

6-5, although she was Chicago and i was Minnesota. kick away, i deserve it.

Blogger dougie Says:

Dude, did you see the FedEx commercial with the cavemen? Hilarious.

Anonymous Quentin Baker Says:

Two comments. First, the FedEx caveman commercial and the Bud Light (or whatever) Magic Fridge commercials were choice.

Second, surely you didn't type "Street Fighter 3". I mean, that's just plain silly. There was Street Fighter, then about seventy-two Street Fighter II's. Capcom just can't count that high.

/Mortal Kombat fan.
//Never could enjoy Street Fighter

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

q, you'll enjoy this: i'm selling back Midway Arcade Treasures (which has all three MK's) to buy SFA3. it was good firing off babalities and friendships and whatnot for a while, but my one true love will always be street fighter.

and no, alpha 3 is different from street fighter 3. i wasn't hanging out in the arcades when SF3 came out, like i was in '91 when SF2 was all the rage, so i missed the hype on that one. i picked it up for the dreamcast and it just never did it for me.

Blogger scott d Says:

J, the Sprint commercial was my favorite. Physical violence involving projectiles to the face followed by a grown man falling to the ground. Always a winner.

Blogger Jeri Says:

That's is awesome she plays with ya! Ryan won't play with me anymore cause i beat him in everything ;op

Anonymous Renee Says:

Go Renee! Which reminds me I need to get back to my PS2.

You and my mom both liked the Sprint commercial. Sorry I missed it.

Blogger Simon Says:

I think Quentin has been doing a little too much programming! He adds comments to his comments using the "//"

I give you 10 bonus points!

Blogger ryanham Says:

Fact: Jeri has never played any video game with me...ever.

Fact: She has also never beaten me.

Fact: I've TRIED to get her to play, but she won't...I think she's scared.

Technicality: She has never lost to me in a video game competition setting, but only because she won't play.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

and the fact checker emerges.

renee got mad at me during blades of steel cause i kept making our players get in fights. she still won, however.

i did always want to try the cube's zelda: four swords. however it would require a cube, a few GBA's, connector cables, and the game, and even used that's $200 right there.


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