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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


we don't need anymore privilege

the rain outside in the terribly random 50-to-30-to-60 weather is beginning to solidify into slush. it made me want a snow cone, which reminded me of the crushed ice thing we had at the compound, we had hockey pucks of ice stacked in the freezer awaiting a beautiful, wonderous conversion to a syrup-filled puddle of crushed ice. we used it for like a week. much like everything else at the compound.

one of the things i love about being on flickr now is the random picture thingy over on the sidebar. every time i visit the page i see memories of different stuff. like i just saw this one of scott hudepohl and dave as gollum at rockbridge in 2003. brought back some great memories, possibly the best camp trip i ever had.

yesterday renee and i caught king kong finally. i saw just about enough shots of a monkey and naomi watts staring lovingly at each other to last a couple of decades... however, i could watch countless hours of ape vs. t-rex deathmatch and never get bored.

don miller wrote an interesting article on MLK and Jesus' styles. and a fascinating tenet on the difference of Christ's mentality from those of some 'religious' folks and organizations we see often:

The genius of the American system lay in checks and balances, in the idea that man, unchecked, will lean toward evil. Our founding fathers knew this, and knew that freedom would only come when people in power were kept in check. It is that system that Martin Luther King used to change America. He pushed truth against the prejudice, and when the prejudice bit back, he proved truth was good and right, because it had the moral authority to turn the other cheek, and in time, create peace where there had been violence, and unity where there had been division.

I am reminded again, as I watch these documentaries and think about the struggle that took place in this country, how good for the world the methods and messages of Christ are, and how strikingly different this message is from a conquering mentality employed by the church of old, by religous systems all over the world, and by financial interests when salivating from the mouth of some coorporations who neglect individual responsability by hiding inside a monstrous construct.


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Blogger dougie Says:

Yeah Rockbridge 2003. That's totally my blanket. Why does a flannel blanket make Dave gollum? Gollum wears a loin cloth.

Blogger Rob Says:

what you forget doug is that dave was in his gollum phase, where everything he did related to him...i dont think he ever quite got over that completely.

yay! i'm on the sidebar with davie and you, dougie at rockbridge!

Blogger Davie Says:

what's it saying, preciousss?

Blogger Simon Says:

that's all the feedback of Kong that I get? Did you like it? How much did you hate Jack Black? Come on, give me something here!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

heh. it was interesting, a little depressing, but overall worth seeing. jack black was pretty frickin good, though. adrien brody was goofy and unconvincing.

Blogger ryanham Says:

I'd like to point out the random flickr picture dangers that you have seem to ignored: there is a chance that the fine folks visiting this site will see my crack.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

its no more dangerous than EVERYONE at Northwest seeing my lightsaber.

(sorry, my computer is jank today)

Blogger ryanham Says:

that photo only exists as a negative...unless Mike McKinney had it made into picture form and enlarged.

Blogger B-Call Says:

why did I just get a chill down the back of my neck???


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