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so it turns out my ipod not showing all of my album covers is not just me. i found several forum posts that have other users seeing exactly the same problem. most of the solutions tell us to wipe the device and restore the OS and reload everything. ha! thanks, apple.

i'm trying very, very hard to avoid looking at the intel-based macbooks. probably because they're so ridiculously expensive. but they're attractive and i bet they run Windows or Linux pretty well. :)

so it's official - Tony Hudson (aka Matt Leinart) will be joining our security ops team in a few weeks. we rescued him from being severely overworked and underpaid. we're really hyped.

one of the most frustrating things about everyday life for me is going to the store... specifically wandering around the aisles for extended periods of time, trying to find a specific thing. i'm sure i look fairly comatose, dumbfounded by stacks and rows of stuff on the shelves. i start at one point of the store, get the first thing on my list, get the next thing, and the third thing requires me to go a few aisles back... it takes about 200% longer than it should. so i was thinking.

picture this. you're at home and you decide, gotta go to the store. your whiteboard on the fridge has the list of stuff you need. so you get on kroger's website. you log in, and create a new list. you type your list in, some of them generic categories (milk, eggs) and some of them specific products (24 pack of coke, 16oz can of skyline chili). you save your list and it spits out a barcode, which you print out. you jump in the car, drive to the store. you walk in and at the front door grab a cart and a PDA with an IR scanner. you scan your barcode and your list shows up, along with a map of the store and a route to take to get everything on your list.

you start your walk through the store. everything on the shelves have RFID tags, so your PDA flashes when you get close to it. and if for some reason you still can't find it, you click "show me" on the PDA and a LED on the shelf it's on flashes a color that matches the color flashing on your PDA. you grab your item, put it in your cart, and click "got it" on the list.

your walk through the store complete, you head to the checkout lines, where the scanners grab the RFID from everything in your cart while you swipe your card on your PDA - or, if you have cash, you give it to the cashier. you scan your coupons while your stuff is bagged. you return the PDA and you walk on out.

i've heard the ideas about auto-checkout via RFID and autopay via an RFID tag on your credit card... but i know plenty of people would rejoice if finding stuff in a store didn't take way longer than it needed to.

or, it could just be me, and my brain slows to a crawl upon entering a store.


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Blogger Davie Says:

Considering I can never get out of Kroger's in under an hour, I think that'd be sweet.

Blogger B-Call Says:

sounds sweet.
will NEVER happen.
Kroger wants you to get lost in the store. That way you walk past all the crap you don't need and you think to yourself, "HMM, do I need that friggin' huge danish? No, but I like baked goods, so I'll get it."
Welcome to America.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

urge to make comment about huge danish... overpowering me...

Blogger B-Call Says:

they get me EVERYTIME.
Even if I'm just there for milk, cheese, snacks or something, I always end up on the other side of the store where all the baked goods are.
I'm a sucker.
That's why I'm large.

Blogger Simon Says:

They have something even better...

You can make a list of everything you want, and submit it on the website, and go in a few hours later, or the next day and the stuff is there bagged for you ready to go...you pay and leave.
Online Shopping

Blogger Justin Hall Says:


too bad i'm not a sams club member

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Sounds like a business idea to me.


Blogger mr. e Says:

Ditto on b-calls comment. It would never happen. Doubling back bothers me so much that I actually take 5 minutes and rewrite the list in the order stuff is located in the store since all Krogers are set up the same. It's like taking the long way to avoid a traffic jam; it probably takes just as long, but it makes you feel better.

Anonymous Renee Says:

Ed beat me to it. You make your list in order that the store is laid out and it will help you avoid double back.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

If you would just eat McDonalds for every meal you wouldn't have any of these problems. Long live Morgan Spurlock!!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

you all assume i have the capability to remember the layout of a given store. obviously i've thought of that one :) but the coolness factor of sending your list up ahead of time and having it laid out for you when you get there...

plus who wouldn't want to carry around a Kroger PDA that's probably been chewed on by a dozen toddlers? it could stream the in-store muzak to a built-in headphone jack too!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

nick - it would be sweet to live off of mcrib's. i'd only live for about three weeks... but it would be a glorious three weeks...

Blogger ryanham Says:

Justin...c'mon man, what kind of geek are you? Barcodes? Scanners? Screw that! I want it to scan my retina automatically when I walk in the store, relate who I am and what I have on my list, then as I walk by items, my heads-up-display from my wearable computer flashes and puts a virtual "box" around the item of choice so I don't even have to scan the shelf for it. After that I just walk out of the store and the charges are made to my credit card as I leave based on the items in my cart (or hover-cart). I'd still have to put the things in the trunk, and unload them at home, but that's a necessary evil...have to get exercise some time I guess.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

c'mon man, what kind of geek are you? your personal robot butler will unload the items and put them away for you. and then cook you dinner and give you a massage. and i just creeped myself out.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

hmmmm....or personal helper monkey.......

Blogger Simon Says:

Here's your first problem...YOU SHOP AT KROGER!!! "Biggs...True minimum price!"


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