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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


oh, the thangs that the gun'll do

so i moved my photo gallery over to flickr from my gallery site. my goal has been to move as much stuff from our hosted server as possible...

i think it was around six years ago when i bought bootleg.org and started running a web server. eventually i moved my mail over to it and started hosting other websites when i learned of the wonders of apache virtual hosts. we moved young life's mail and web to it soon afterwards. at one point it was fun having a production server to mess with.

it's gotten to be a responsibility i don't really enjoy any longer, though. so i'm on a quest to get as much stuff off of the server as i can until it no longer needs to be around. and i've been impressed with flickr - their tools, compatibility, ease of use, etc...

the next project is to import all of my old mail (pre-2005) to gmail using gexodus.

slashdot rejected my story on this... tuesday's microsoft security bulletin included two patches that you ought to look at in addition to last week's WMF patch. a similar bug exists in the way windows processes web fonts. also is a nasty bug in outlook that allows malicious programs to run simply by previewing an email message... a bug which also exists in exchange. ever want to infect an exchange server simply by sending an email message? now you can!

so hit ms update, like, now.


for this post

Blogger ryanham Says:

You are like Capt. Windows Update, aren't you?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

you're like... captain... picard...

shut up

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

captain jean-luc picard of the uss enterprise...



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