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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


a throwback mess

i didn't do much this weekend and still i'm worn the heck out.

new young life leaders got placed this friday... 29 total in the southwest ohio region, including western and eastern cincinnati and MMV (middletown, springboro, edgewood, etc). renee and i got to be back at leadership and see lots of old friends. tonight at NLT everyone had great stories about their first weekend as a leader... one of the best nights i've had in a while.

friday we also went out to dinner w/mikey and dara and brad and lindsay, and then watched the wedding crashers. pretty much as good as everyone's said, i laughed for almost two straight hours. nowhere near as good as saturday night, watching kingdom of heaven with renee, which bored me so much i shut it off after 20 minutes. you gotta get my interest a whole lot faster than that, people.

i'm re-watching season 3 of star trek: enterprise on DVD... quite possibly the best single season of any trek show ever aired. great stories, compelling social commentary... and basically a handbook on how to show character development, watching captain archer step out of a black and white ethical universe and realize what he needs to do to save his crew and the planet.

so. the west wing got canceled, it ends may 14th. what a brilliant run... it'll be a sad day when it's over.


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Blogger MikeE Says:

we liked it so much we went out and rented it on saturday night and watched it again. great laugh.

Blogger Davie Says:

lock it up, justin. lock it up!

Blogger dougie Says:

How bout that Mikey Estridge? Cashin' in his chips. (Not dying, gettin married.)

Blogger mr. e Says:

They killed West Wing by putting it on Sunday nights. Last night was just a plain good hour of television. And for what? West Wing rip offs like Commander and Chief? Give me a break.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Whoa, you and Renee actually watch movies together?!? Everytime I try to get Jeri to watch a film, she goes upstairs as I'm putting the dvd in the player mumbling something about the bed being more comfortable....


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

no YOU lock it up

ed: you and i are in total agreement. commander in chief is wal mart to the west wing's ... uh... crap, insert name of really classy, expensive store here.

renee and i watch a lot of movies and stuff together. most of the time it's my call (i'm getting her caught up in star wars, etc), although a few weeks ago i conceded a viewing of Dirty Dancing. on VHS. i felt like a little less of a man afterwards. :)

Blogger MikeE Says:

Dougie: not cashing in the chips ... I'm pushing them all in :) Going for broke!

Blogger Jeri Says:

Dude Ryan, I watch movies with you when they are good movies! And when you have a baby jumping around if you sit stright up...you would want to lay down too!

Blogger Simon Says:

Don't you guys talk to each other at home? Why don you use J's blog to communicate?

Blogger Jeri Says:

Does who talk at home? Me and Ryan?


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