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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


don't wanna be heard but ask the sound man to mic me

slashdot has a fascinating discussion on whether corporate information security has gotten out of hand. needless to say i didn't quite agree with the submitter. i'd rehash what i said, but i'll just let you read it yourself as i prepare for what will be a delicious debate on security vs. useability.

so a hugely underrated MC, playdough, has his second solo disc out, don't drink the water. and it's much better than his first. every track ends with an increasingly annoying voice-over from what sounds to be a motivational success tape... got old after the second track... but his writing is still as sharp, witty, and creative as ever, and you find yourself laughing from a line, while he's moving on to be thoughtful, and then you catch up, ponder for a second, while he's moving on to be funny again.

my high track on the disc is leave you, where he hits on a dichotomy that i struggle with constantly:

burrowing upstream but i'm following the crowd
my life is on mute but my words are up loud
and i'm proud of my spirit but ashamed when it counts
can't wait until it's over, can't wait until i bounce
cause i love to live life but i hate it all the same
it's a cursed, dark world, only refuge is the name
of the God that i'd die for
but couldn't live for
spittin' in his face
takin' grace just to get more
commitments that i can't keep and he knows this
testing me for strength knowing that i'll blow this
but learning lessons is what life is all about
can't wait til that hourglass is out, then i'm out


for this post

Blogger Rob Says:

i bet you he's got nothing on MC Pee Pants

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i'm her hume cronyn, she's my jessica tandy
i want candy!

Blogger ryanham Says:

"I want candy"?!? That is so yesterday.
Now it's "I need candy" like it's a resposibility.

"put it in a pot, split it with my baby 50/50 down the line
kinda like close encounters of the cavity kind
im talkin liquorice kisses, talkin chocodile smiles"

Blogger ryanham Says:

Oh, and as for corporate information security; I'm trying my hardest to be part of the solution, but it seems like here it takes them 7 months to just "qualify" Service Pack 2, let alone keep the latest patches out there. We use Altiris for patch management, and I guess it's been working. We've only had one virus on our network in the two years I've been here, and that was cause some vendor put an infected disk into their tool...

I will say that it does bug me when I'm working on a development project, using up tons of RAM with IIS Personal Web Server and SQL Express on my dev box, then our Real Time Virus scan starts up and commences to use 65% of my CPU and the rest of my RAM. I might as well not be at my desk for the next 45 minutes. But, that's more a fault of the timing of the scan, rather than the tool itself.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

infected disk into their tool... does that require surgery?

the original poster on that article seemed to think that security folks do what they do cause they're mean little bastards. not the case - there's just so many different ways a windows PC can be attacked that we have to implement some strong security measures.

of course if people could run IIS on their workstations here, i'd probably have an ulcer by now.

so how is that new SQL express?

Blogger B-Call Says:


Blogger ryanham Says:

the new Express is okay. It allows you a little more functionality for testing purposes than the older "Personal SQL" or whatever they called it, but it's still just referencing tables in a database. The interface still sucks...but SQL queries work basically the same.

Blogger MikeE Says:

Random pictures strike again:

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, flickr is pretty rad, I just got a nice shot of Hammy's arse!


Where did you get a bloody deer head?!?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

someone gave our house (on ohio) a deer head back in '99, and it was left on a light bulb and got a hole burned in the neck.

by the way, i don't recommend ever doing that, ever. i had the flu at the time and our house smelled like, well, burning deer hair. the combination of the two factors left me close to death for a few days.

anyway we put some blood on it during a halloween party, and renee and meagan and theresa and a few of their friends stole it and went out on campus and took pictures of it. hence the bloody deer head by a campus help phone.

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Blogger Rob Says:

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