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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


wait for something to break the mold

dude, lost... chopping heads off of dolls... voltron... it's too much!

tony started today, and in a miracle of modern science he had an ID badge, laptop, and a userid - in three hours. incredible.

i really do love work. strange to think that that sentence would ever emerge from my brain. but it's all because of the people, the team. granted the work is interesting, challenging, etc... our team dynamic seals the proverbial deal. i get to work with my old friends and with other guys that i feel like i really get along with... it really changes things. i don't think i'd enjoy the same job with other people around, and i really think, given this same atmosphere, i would enjoy any other position.

so this merges with the concept of building relationships with people around me, sharing life with them and what's important. praying for the people around me. for some reason i guess i just didn't realize why it was important. but now i can see that it's the best - really the only real good thing i can do for these people. i'm far more honest around these guys than i ever have been in a work environment... potentially to the benefit or detriment of our relationships... but i think all of my experience with co-workers has led me to this point - it's really the most i have to offer them - prayer and my honest self.

hah. i really want charlie to break a string on his guitar while he's on the island.

anyway. don miller says this in blue like jazz:

The goofy thing about Christian faith is that you believe it and don’t believe at the same time. It isn’t unlike having an imaginary friend. I believe in Jesus; I believe he is the Son of God, but every time I sit down to explain this to somebody I feel like a palm reader, like somebody who works at a circus or a kid who is always making things up or somebody at a Star Trek convention who hasn’t figured out the show isn’t real.
even when i did younglife - i think God showed himself to other people more than i showed Him to them.

obviously. far more. but i think i got in the way most of the time. and so this tenuous process of figuring out my role in the process, in the make disciples of all nations that is out there... i guess i feel like i'm starting to get it, and that really, i don't have much of a role, besides to be there, to be myself, and to pray.

so i feel much more confident in that role. keeps me from depending on myself so much. good idea, o Lord!

'course it's a good idea!

i've received a few things in the mail lately. the first was (way ahead of time, it turns out, it didn't come out til today) attack of the bacon robots, the penny arcade book. i can't even remember when i preordered it, so it surprised me when it showed up. and it's pretty good... you have to be a true fan, i think, to enjoy it, though, because it's back when their stuff was kind of repetitive and their art wasn't as strong... it's really night and day from their current material, but still worthy if you're a gamer.

and second was the gillette fusion, the ridiculous five-bladed monstrosity. if you have ever been an avid reader of the onion you recall an article that predicted this (beware of strong language)... so when it was announced in september i chuckled a little. then i received one for free as a promo today and, pulling it out of the packaging, laughed out loud at how insane it is. replacement blades will probably cost like $75. i'm afraid to use it because i enjoy my skin attached to my face.

five blades! how can you not laugh at that? american decadence at its finest. and yet it would probably still snap if you tried to shave bragg's chest.


for this post

Blogger B-Call Says:

not only is it 5 friggin' blades, but its 5 friggin' blades that vibrate. that's exactly what i want, 5 shaky blades coming at my face and neck. genious. reason # 3507 why i want to grow my beard back. but mindee won't let me and i don't want to scare Aly.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I think as disciples of the truth, we take on too much responsibility. I have to remind myself that it is God's job to reveal himself to others. It is my job to point them in the right direction. I think I'm saying the same thing as you, Justin, but in different words. I get frustrated with grace/redemption/salvation not making sense in a rational manner. This is exactly why God is the most important cog in the wheel. We need to believe His power to change hearts and minds....which is why we pray for those we build relationships with. I'm not saying anything new here....I just need to remind myself.......because I suck at it.....like why was it so damn hard for me to admit to a co-worker that I was listening to Christian radio on the way to work this morning....oh yeah....because I'm an idiot.....

Blogger ryanham Says:

Everytime I'm in the store to purchase new Mach3 blades (whether or not I actually FIND them), I see the quaddro sitting there and instantly think of that Onion article. Until know, I had no idea how true that article has become...that's so freaking funny. Art imitates life, or vice versa?

And no, I will not be using any more than three blades on my face at any given time.

Blogger B-Call Says:

true that, you ain't NEVER findin' blades in the store.
anytime i do find them, i buy them. even if i don't need them.

Blogger Bragg Says:

yes it would probably snap if you tried to shave my chest with it. i'm a grizzly man and dammit there isn't anything i can do about that. okay, there isn't anything i want to do about it.

b-call, i'm working on my man beard for all of you married guys. as soon as i'm feeling comfortable enough to start posting in my own blog again, i'll be sure to post a pic just for you.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

nick: i find myself being pretty lame about that too. i think i wrote all this stuff to try and kickstart the engine a little bit... we'll see if it works...

cally, hamrick: where are you people shopping? i've never not been able to find mach 3 blades. they're plentiful as water out in western hills.

Blogger B-Call Says:

nice, consider me your neighbor.

Blogger Davie Says:

yeah, while attack of the bacon robots doesn't have the best art, it does have some of my favorite penny-arcade strips.


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