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dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


you shot your favorite enemy

well smallville has officially been ruined for the entirety of the rest of its run. here's me watching tonight, with timestamps:

8:01: "hey, Clark tells Lana the truth tonight! excellent!"
8:03: "Clark proposes? That means they're killing off Lana tonight! double excellent!"
8:20: "good gravy they're going to kill off Lana... and make it Lex's fault... which will turn Clark against Lex permanently, cement him as the villain... finally this show is going to get really good."
8:29: "no fricking lie, they're actually doing it. wow. bravo, WB producers. BRAVO indeed. this is taking risks with your show. well done."
8:30: "wait, what?"
8:35: "no, they're not going to start it over. that would be colossally stupid. that would mean they'd make Clark do it all differently and just have her still die at the end, but with no closure. that's just plain weak."
8:50: "they killed HIS DAD instead??!?!? Lana gets to live??!?
...this show is over."

i get asked occasionally why i enjoy this show, why i get so hyped about it and why i've continued to watch it even through the disasterous third season. besides enjoying me some superman, i felt this show had promise. it was so well cast, and the concept was really interesting, and it's had its moments. potential has driven my enthusiasm, and a tiny little shred of me is still holding out hope that they'll do something good with this terrible, terrible decision.

there is no logical reason for me to continue to tune in to smallville anymore. not one. i probably won't stop being a fan, though, sadly enough... i can't pull myself away from supes, despite the awful writing, snails-pace character development, and repetitive plotlines. what the heck is it about this show that keeps me locked in? what am i hoping is going to happen?

i think i've been watching it to see what happens to Lex, more than anything. when Michael Rosenbaum is on, he's on - there've been like three episodes where he's been truly, full-scale evil and they've been memorable.

if they did a show about batman as a teenager, though... there'd be no stopping it.


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Blogger Rob Says:

thats the same way i felt about the WWF :-P

dont feel bad though, they're closing down the WB and UPN and Warner Brothers and CBS are creating a new network. it's called....wait for it.....CW. i have no clue what the WB is going to do with their shows

Anonymous joel Says:

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Blogger ryanham Says:

Wow, Joel..Thanks! I never knew such musical quality could be had by sampling the original of a song 128 times a second and compressing the hell out of it! Thanks for being so topical and telling me about this new techology!

Eat it spammer.

Anyway..I stopped watching Smallville a while ago when I figured out Clark wouldn't get smart and hook up with Chloe..clearly the hot one on the show.

P.S. Michael Rosenbaum is good.


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