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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


shot right through with a bolt of blue

picked up a new nerf gun to use at the new office. yep. it shoots out a flash to, apparently, blind your opponent to the soft, styrofoam death that soars at dizzying speeds towards them.

and i'm calling it the jesus quintana.

you said it mang.

so i paid off and closed my credit card this weekend. we're credit card free, like WHOA. one step closer to zero debt, which renee says is good, because she's responsible and smart and stuff.

her and her sister did play through bubble bobble on friday night, though. two hours. i would call the experience 'riotous'.


for this post

Blogger Rob Says:

i, my friend, have shot that gun, complements of younger cousins....and it is indeed a beautiful experience.

and those things shoot out fast, too.

its fun to shoot it gangsta style, too.

and, since i know that you're wondering, if you hold it right up to your head and pull the trigger like you're ending it all, no worries, it doesnt hurt....


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

it's not as much fun when your wife accidentally shoots you in a very uncomfortable place

Blogger ryanham Says:

What, like the back of a volkswagen?

Blogger ryanham Says:

*ahem* nerf usage

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

finally someone picked up that ball and ran with it. thanks ryan.


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