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trail of footprints from where i ran away

a really good article got forwarded my way - surprisingly accurate, for an LA Times piece dealing with Jesus - by author Jack Hitt. impressively titled Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist, it's not so much pointing fingers at any political affiliation as it is the stance of people using Jesus to back their consenus views when, in context, Jesus was ridiculously counter-culture. a great read. thanks to misty wilger for the forward (hey, what happened to john's site?)

and on Studio 360 today they played a show from december where author Randall Balmer was on - a guy that studies and writes about the Christian subculture. he had some great things to say about how people that followed Jesus, separated for so long because they didn't want to be 'tainted' by culture, are beginning to re-integrate in the form of music and literature. you don't often hear the general media comment on the subculture without 120% mockery (that it's usually deserving of). as someone who would enjoy setting fire to <>< fishes and stupid t-shirts, i found it a great summary of the changing environment (probably because the author and me see eye-to-eye on a lot).

we don't care, we still wants the money, lebowski.


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