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walk around in circles

i'm pretty psyched about the john adams miniseries coming up, and i have no idea why. never been much into history... but the cast and writing look interesting. probably the same reason i enjoy watching the presidents; the founding fathers and those that have held the highest office are kind of mythical figures to me, sort of like the american version of greek gods.

darren mentioned ben franklin last year and i remembered how much i want to read a good bio on that dude. amazon has a ton of them and i'm not sure which one is worth reading.

btw i am really digging coach dungy's memoirs, his life of following Jesus in everyday matters is fascinating,, powerfully simple, relevant, and poignant for where i am finding myself...


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Blogger B-Call Says:

looks like i've got another reason to finally pick up HBO.
or, come over to your place 7 Sundays in a row and mooch off of you.
how come all of the great shows are on Sundays when i've gotta watch Aly while Mindee's at leadership training? friggin' YL.
that looks as hot to me as the trailers for Dark Knight and Indy (i'll visit your page about a dozen more times today to watch that again). but that's just me, though. McCollough is an outstanding writer. i've got a few of his works, including this one and it is amazing. few people can write as he does and make a history topic gripping and difficult to put away on a shelf to rest. he's in that group, along with Ambrose and (i really like) Shelby Foote.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Dude, some biopic about Franklin would just be about how he loved he ladies and was a dirty old man, despite his genius.

So basically it'd be like any "Behind the Music."

Blogger Davie Says:

Wow, that looks fantastic. I agree, McCollough and Ambrose are two of the best writers of history.

Blogger B-Call Says:

hey, it looks like i won't have to mooch HBO off of you next month.
just ordered it last night. HBO/Showtime for $5 a month for both for 6 months.
nice deal.


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