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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


never meant to be a cheater

north carolina is extraordinarily peaceful. maybe it's the hundreds of thousands of hippies... the >$4/gal milk... the mudkips (aka tarheels)... although i spent far too much time under the angry yellow ball, yesterday at the arboretum with mike and jerri and their crazy adorable son; and today at the biltmore estate. and yet only my forehead got any sun, i guess it's shiny?

we got cheerwine, though, and delicious pizza from the mellow mushroom. we are both wildly relaxed. oh and we were in this little town called black mountain and i had a childhood memory literally unlocked before my eyes when i walked past a train caboose that'd been converted to an arts & crafts store.

anyway, we did manage to catch john adams tonight. that show is dangerous with a cliffhanger, like a ninja with a katana or b with /usr/bin/perl, i am absolutely dying for next week. and i found my visit to biltmore far more interesting, for some reason, since getting interested in this show. i walked into the big frickin dining room and saw the flags of the thirteen original colonies hanging around the ceiling and i was struck with a new pride, a puzzling and wonderful feeling.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

I was pissed, thinking, "NOOOO! You can't end it here!"

And how creepy are French people? I guess that SNL sketch with T-Bone was right on afterall.

forget my email.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Hey, I've been to Black Mountain. I had a friend to went to Montreat College. Cool little town.

Blogger ryanham Says:


I didn't see it, but let me ask the obvious: How can a show based on actual historical events possibly have a cliffhanger? You already KNOW how it's going to end!

We fight the British in the revolutionary war. We beat them with the help of the French, mostly using their navy to create blockades to keep out British supply ships. Once defeated, the British leave and we create a constitution, ratify it, and become these here United States of America.

Oh, and John Adams becomes the second President of our glorious new country.

The End.

Blogger B-Call Says:

you bastard.


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