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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


not much of a jester

with the oscars over i always get curious about the award-winning films i haven't seen. so i remedied that in part this week...

started with no country for old men - lots of potential here, with great performances by tommy lee jones, javier bardem and josh brolin, but best picture? i must be missing something; i certainly don't deny my tendency to overlook subtle symbolism in more artsy films like this... but whatever the coens were trying to communicate, it came across as often incoherent, often dense, with some compelling characters, but ultimately pointless.

contrasted with michael clayton, a much more traditional film, with characters you really care about and a satisfying ending. it could be because i dig films about law, although this was less a few good men and more the firm... clooney was his typical self, tilda swinton was more emotional than i've ever seen her, and tom wilkinson was absolutely brilliant. definitely worth buying.

i am still dying to check out there will be blood if anyone's ever interested...


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