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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


this ain't back in the day

danger mouse's genre-expanding mashup the grey album spawned a hundred million terrible new mixes of artists/styles, and a handful of good ones. two of them are sitting at DJ Doc Rok's site: american zeppelin, a solid (and a bit airheaded) blend of jay-z's weak-sauce american gangster and various led zep tracks; and the delicious biggie experience, a BIG/hendrix soup that is hearty, spicy, and over way too soon.

yep, the last time you heard led zep + hip hop together, this abomination was the result... this one's not as bad, although it suffers from bad choices on what to mix with the one-size-fits-all jay rhymes. it tries to be a new grey album and comes up just a bit short - interesting, good for a spin or two, but ultimately unsatisfying (which you can say about every disc jay has released since 2001). i can't stop listening to the biggie album, though. it's just too good. both are free - download and enjoy...


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Someone needs to mash up Led Zeppelin and the Beastie Boys...

Oh wait, they already did that themselves.

Blogger Rob Says:

WHOA....this biggie/hendrix combo is amazing

how have i not heard this before?!?

and the come with me cover wasn't all that terrible because it actually featured jimmy page on the guitar...i don't know why page agreed to do it though


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