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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


refuse to sing along

if i could (read: renee would let me) decorate our entire house with this guy's stuff... i don't know art, but i know what i like. absolutely gorgeous.

this hotel here in austin has an alarm clock with an ipod dock. should be standard in every hotel room in the country, what an awesome idea.

i really liked ian's recent post on sin, i have been feeling some of the same things recently... i had a kind of picture in my head a few days ago after reading - what a day in my life would look like without treating God or the people around me badly. for about a tenth of a second i almost believed it was possible; which made me kind of realize the defeatist attitude i have adopted about my own sin. you hear "you can't be perfect while on this earth" from wise people, and my brain auto-appends "so don't even bother trying to be better" to the end. there is certainly a lot that i cannot defeat on my own; there is also a lot that might require some heavy lifting on my part and i haven't bothered with it because of the former stuff. let's see if this theoretical concept could translate to reality...


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Justin you are one of the nicest people I know! What are you talking about man!

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