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Chris Sabo & Me

chris sabo just bought me lunch.

last june i went on a weekend canoe trip and missed a ball game set up by some folks at work and a vendor - and chris was there as a part of the reds' "living legend" program, where an ex-red hangs out with you in your suite. i missed it, and my whining about it afterwards drew mockery from my coworkers, and pity from my boss mike. mike and chris chatted for a while during the game, and so earlier this year he wrote chris a letter explaining my sad story. chris responded and offered to grab lunch.

see, my skills were pretty weak for the first few years of little league, and after two years we discovered it was because i couldn't see for crap. so i got glasses, and all of a sudden my game showed up - i hit better, fielded better... i also got ridiculed for wearing glasses. so when chris won the NL rookie of the year in 1988 - and did so in the sweet rec specs, i felt a little vindicated. afterwards i kind of considered him my hero and i still think of him as my favorite ballplayer of all time.

so i figured, i'll buy my childhood hero a guinness. except he insisted on picking up lunch. and signed a baseball. and hooked me up with a signed bobblehead.

dude is a PIMP, no doubt about it (and so is my boss for setting it up). today is a day i won't soon forget.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

awesome Justin....see if you can get him to come to the game with us tomorrow.

Blogger B-Call Says:

you, sir, are one hell of a model american.
if you whine enough, you can achieve anything. this is the exact opposite of what i'm teaching my 3 year old.
thanks for the example.

that's a great story none the less.

Blogger Rob Says:

I've said this before and I mean it: Chris Sabo is the sole reason why I felt comfortable wearing rec specs in baseball, soccer and basketball...

Blogger Simon Says:

I can't believe you met the savior! I mean everyone knows "Chris Sabo died for our sins"

Did you ask him about the Nutty Buddy?

That's freaking awesome man. Congrats!

Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

hhaah That is awesome!

Blogger Darren Says:

The question isn't "Did you ask him about the Nutty Buddy?" The question is, was he wearing a nutty buddy and if so, did he let you take a bat to it?

Blogger Nickolini Says:

From the look at Sabo's face...I would say yes....either that or Justin sharted in his pants.

Blogger scott d Says:

fantastic. now, if i can just have lunch with ron oester...


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