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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i just made you up to hurt myself

huh. so with teeth is mediocre and unimpressive. trent hasn't released any new material since 1999... and this is what we get - a record that sounds like he wrote and produced it in two days in his basement. uninspired lyrics, repetitive songs... maybe two or three out of thirteen that i actually remember in particular, the rest are all just 'eh'. all the love in the world is solid; as is only and you know what you are?... the rest just sounds far too structured. i'm obviously comparing like crazy to the downward spiral and the fragile, but with reason, they're two of my favorite albums. and the title track... argh... he sounds like james hetfield. should have called the album 'uh-WITH-uh-teeth-AHHH' cause that's how he sings it.

and no instrumental tracks! just when i'm to the point of appreciating them and looking forward to more, there's not one on there. i think this whole disc was just an excuse to get dave grohl on the drums (which do sound great on the tracks he's on). i expected something a little more stunning, that'd make me sit up and be enraptured for the entirety of the disc... but it's mostly forgettable. it does sound more band-ish, though, less like a guy in a room with a guitar and a piano and a drum machine and some sound effects... and more like a band, with a few guys and their instruments... i guess it just doesn't do it for me. who knows, maybe it'll grow on me...


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