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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


with my man capone gunnin

we ended up rolling into DC after our 51 minute flight at like 8:30am. we were fairly exhausted, and sitting in traffic for an hour afterwards wasn't helpful. but we found hamrick's house, and headed down with the boy to bd's mongolian bbq. tasty tasty eats - like the one i went to on wednesday but a million times better.

then we hit up camden yards and watched the orioles get pwned by the tigers. what a sweet field - they have a marketplace area that was busy as crap before the game.

afterwards we picked up some food and beverage and cruised back to the house here... we watched team america which was about as amazing and screwed up as i'd heard. the movie features songs such as "everyone has aids"... brilliant.

now we're gonna head up to DC and check out the sights after dropping mikey at the airport. enjoy yourself, b(*)&#es.


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