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can't even see the sea

yeah, got the psp today. had to trade in my gamecube and my GBA (and all the games) to do it... but it was well worth it. solely as a gaming device, i wouldn't use it as much as i'd expect. typical places - waiting at the doctor's office, in line at the movie theater, on the can, on a long plane ride, etc... but as a solid gaming platform? i'm hoping for some games i can fire up for a few minutes and then turn off without any hesitation.

the screen really is as beautiful as you expect. moreso. it's bright and clear even on the lowest brightness setting. wireless was cake to set up. the battery claims it'll last 8 hours on its 100% charge that it got in two hours of being plugged in. again, i'm not convinced til i see it. but it's a good size, sleek, easy to hold... no button sticking or dead pixels like i've heard horror stories about.

speaking of games i can pick up and turn off quickly - my first one is called lumines, which tycho from PA raved about. i can see why. it's tetris-esque in its crack-like addiction. ask renee - she played it more than i did tonight.

but i also got it for the portable media features. i have an app that'll convert any mpg/avi to its native PSP9 video format and copy it to the device (onboard USB and infrared as well). it'll do RSS feeds. it'll browse the web. and a million other hacks. and i likes me a hackable device.

i'm a little sad that the cube is gone, although it and the GBA had been collecting dust for months. i'll miss the new zelda come november, but if it looks good enough i'll rent it for a weekend and borrow someone's system.

enterprise's finale tonight... weak. weak as crap. remember that paper or project you crammed together twenty minutes before it was due? remember the crappy grade you got on it? drop it a couple of letters and that's what These Are The Voyages deserved. the Riker + Troi thing... i know it was a tribute to TNG and the fans. hey guys. you know what would have been a better tribute to us? A GOOD STORY to end the series. basically they drop you into the middle of a TNG episode from season 7 (where Locke from Lost plays Admiral Pressman), where Riker has to apparently make this big intense decision (one he makes in about thirty seconds in the original episode). the CGI NCC-1701D looked sweet. but Riker and Troi? honestly... were we supposed to think that they looked the same as they did 11 years ago when The Pegasus aired originally?

and they killed off Trip - which felt forced, like senselessly stabbing someone at random - just to evoke an emotion. rushed and flimsy. the end was the same - they hyped Archer making this speech at the signing of the Federation charter - an even they've been building up since the end of last season - and then they DON'T SHOW IT. show us a speech. some good writing.

FINISH SEVENTEEN YEARS STRAIGHT OF TREK with something more than two actors trying to look 11 years younger walking off a frickin holodeck.

of course all of these episodes were filmed after the cancellation was announced. am i shocked that no one put any effort into them?

oh well. reruns of TNG / DS9 are still on. i have season 1 coming from netflix soon. i'm fully enveloped in The West Wing now too.

Renee and i made some salmon tonight that i was rather proud of - cajun & lemon flavored. turned out great IMHO. tomorrow night is afterprom, 11:45pm - 5am. we're also checking out Pinnacle Point, some apartments close to me down on Harrison. Sunday, lots of sleeping in and then Vandelay at Cally's place.

oh yeah, two weeks we're going to visit Hamrick down in DC, thanks to the hookup from Mikey on plane tickets...

oh yeah. episode III is in SIX DAYS. :) i have to agree with Brian on this - the Burger King commercials with Vader are classic.
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