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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


shillelagh law was all the rage

what's this i hear? my parents are buying ANOTHER motorcycle (or murdercycle, if you're a terrible late-nineties action/scifi flick)... a larger one that my mom and dad can cruise on, or something. from toledo.

my parents are bikers. frickin crap. :) guess it could be worse.

i think renee and i are going to go see crash tonight. it's got sandra bullock (for her) and ludacris (for me). how could this movie be better?

my first DVD-ripper test is complete. clone wars: vol. 1 ripped to .VOB in eight minutes. converting it to DiVX took about two hours. :( but quality-wise it's better than the tivo conversions were, no framerate loss...

listening to: dropkick murphys - finnegan's wake


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