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waiting for better words

renee and i drove around for a few hours tonight trying to find a place to live, and in the midst of that experience decided that, hey, buying a condo might actually work. even though she doesn't have credit and mine is probably close to laughable, maybe we could pull it off. even though future plans are uncertain for both of us - that and we just couldn't find many apartments that looked like they might work. mikey, the condo expert, gave us some good tips on how to get moving and what to expect.

two months to find someplace to live. scary and exciting.

a couple album reviews for you as the month-of-loving continues on:

weezer's make believe: how could the greatest rock band of the last 20 years + the greatest record producer ever not = a phenominal disc? it definitely doesn't disappoint. rivers continues to churn out song after enjoyable song that has the perfect formula of catchiness, honesty, thoughtfulness and fun... without it sounding formulaic. his lyrics have never been shakespeare - but they still make the songs sound just as good. and for your daily What The Heck? moment check out track 3, this is such a pity. rick rubin is a genius, nuff said.

however, even better than this disc... easily the best album i've heard all year...

straylight run's self-titled disc is some of the most beautiful, poetic, intense songwriting i've ever experienced. it's like a back massage... that reads you an incredibly interesting story... that happens to be about you. i've mentioned existentialism on prom night before - a soaring, passionate ballad - but the true gem of this disc is a track called the tension and the terror which has some electric in it and a little emo touch. this is rock with a piano that i can listen to and actually enjoy. if we didn't have a band playing, this disc would be the soundtrack to our wedding. you should check them out if you have a sec. plus their band's name comes from a william gibson book. hah. the only drawback is that their album cover is an almost complete ripoff of further seems forever's hide nothing disc.

and how good has family guy been? i was expecting a little loss of edge... no sir, good, quality stuff. "christians don't believe in gravity"

listening to: straylight run - now it's done


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