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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


destined i am to walk among the dark

the temperature is apparently 102 degrees, according to the clock at the bank at the bottom of my street. nice.

so i gave episode III another shot tonight. it is, indeed, better the second time. much, much better. i paid much less attention to the individual details and tried to keep more perspective on the whole story. i've gotten over pretty much all of my gripes, and by the end i was feeling how i wanted to feel - ready to pop in a new hope and keep it going.

as hard as i tried, though, i simply cannot get over the anakin-joins-the-emperor scene. i'm only bugged by one thing, really, because hayden is made of wood the entire film, with the same expression nearly 98% of the time, so i got over the weakness of his acting in the scene. this isn't pacino in the role. i'm still bothered by his jump from

"master windu, you can't kill him! it's against the jedi way!"


"sure, master palpatine, i'll go slaughter all of the jedi, including the kids"

in the space of literally two minutes. call it palpatine's incredible dark-side influence that instantly changes his mind... or anakin's complete belief in the lie that the jedi are out to take over... whatever, it still doesn't feel right. i can't help but think that it'll be like a rock in my shoe every time i watch this movie. maybe if he'd delayed that... anakin commits himself to palpatine and then they cut away and, maybe a day later, after spending lots of quality time with him, anakin reluctantly goes after the jedi... and something happens while he's in pursuit that angers / scares him and pulls his trigger, forcing him to go ballistic.

anyway, final gripe, otherwise i liked it a lot more and i'm excited to get the dvd. i bet the deleted scenes will be solid. and yes, it's far better in digital.

so i'm officially not a young life leader anymore. yesterday was it, kind of a sad night but i'm glad to move on. i'm going to stick around in the area to be on the 'ambassador team' between the community's parents and staff... maybe even central committee too. but that's down the road.

DC this weekend, i'm silly hyped, holla at your boy. hamrick, i'm bringing chappelle's show season 2. oh and we're watching team america apparently too.

listening to: coheed and cambria - blood red summer


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