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dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


twitch in your seat

so renee and i have a place to live! we signed at pinnacle pointe, right down harrison from my current place. it's a big place, lots of space, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, etc... they have a workout room, big pool and clubhouse, raquetball courts, you name it... i'm really hyped. it's perfect for having lots of people over to hang out and grill too. i should have taken pictures. i will when renee moves in next month. anyway.

afterprom was excellent last night. the last few have been fairly stressful - we (my team and I) have been in charge of decorating oak hills' entire lobby for the last couple of years, and it takes hours and hours of work and planning. not something i'm really able to do right now. but mrs. riehle was awesome and had the great folks from zen & now (a sweet coffeeshop if you're ever out in western hills) take care of it this year. so we just showed up and served coffee and hung out w/people. the best was that dave, the owner of z&n, who is a crazy genius and a really cool guy, did a Grail-themed setup. yeah. he had a black night. he had swallows carrying coconuts hanging on the ceiling. and we showed the grail three times in a row. and he gave away copies of the movie. i got back at 5:30am and didn't really fall asleep til 6... and then the light and stupid chirping birds in the nest right outside my window woke me up at noon. argh.

it was a good end to my time leading. i got to hang out with a bunch of the senior guys, as well as rob and doug, and it cemented the closure of this whole period rather well. my last campaigners is tomorrow night, chock full of Return Of The Jedi goodness. there's so much useful stuff in the trilogy.

i traded in my Simpsons seasons 2&3 dvd's and picked up Darkstalkers (Capcom's other 2D fighting series)... it's not that good... sadly enough I think I'm bored with that genre anymore. even popping in SFA3 or the Anniversary Edition or Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast... it just doesn't have the same magic anymore... i hate getting old... so yeah, I'm going to take it back and maybe get FIFA or Ridge Racer.

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