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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the blood has stopped pumping

tony's wedding was a long, hilarious day that completely wore me out. we showed up to akron for the rehearsal last night at 6pm, which lasted (dinner and all) til about 11:30. the next morning began at 9:30 and lasted til about 5:00 today.

(long reception.)

but it was awesome, people had a great time and the ceremony was refreshingly untraditional. one word: marimba. it was silly hot. i must have lost a liter or two just standing up front under the lights.

some pictures are on renee's camera from the rehearsal. i didnt' take any today, but tony had a bunch that ill get from him when they get back. from the same resort renee and i are going to for our honeymoon, go figure :)

anyway it was good to hang out with so many great friends all weekend. now i'm totally beat and im gonna sleep. although i popped in nine inch nails' still which i picked up on import, it was the limited-ed disc 2 from their live CD... live versions of some of my favorites, including the title track from the fragile, a couple new instrumentals, and my favorite track from the downward spiral, the becoming. in fact, heck, hamrick style and all, why don't you check out these lyrics cause they're excellent.

oh and thanks to everyone who pointed out the ipod class-action settlement which means i'll be getting $50 from apple (to use at their store, blah). my headphone jack is going out on mine now, as well as the second battery. anyone wanna buy a used 20GB ipod, $100?

listening to: nine inch nails - adrift and at peace


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