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if i'm a monster, i am a willing one

i remember the days... mac zealots trumpeting their superior processing architecture. the G3/G4/G5 is soooo much better than the PII/P3/P4. the megahertz myth.

i'm laughing so hard today. look, guys! your beloved savior Steve took away your superior architecture! all you have left is your fisher price OS to clutch onto as your overpriced white pieces of insignificant market share slowly morph into the platform you were going to end up on eventually anyway.

my absolute favorite quote:

Intel processors provide more performance per watt than PowerPC processors do, said Jobs. "When we look at future roadmaps, mid-2006 and beyond, we see PoweRPC gives us 15 units of perfomance per watt, but Intel's roadmap gives us 70. And so this tells us what we have to do," he explained. - Steve Jobs

and let me be clear: the evil empire didn't win over the faithful band of rebels here. for your average desktop / home user, server, and business workstation, it's simply foolish to not use the x86 architecture. it's a plain waste of time and money. it was bound to happen eventually. and crap, i'd even consider dualbooting to OSX now just to try out the one or two apps that struck my curiosity, Garageband and iMovie. but use that slow, proprietary, overpriced hardware? bah.

i feel the most sorry for all the mac-mini users who just recently locked themselves into the architecture that apple just abandoned. but hey, just grab an intel one (hint: itll be cheaper).


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