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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


fifty third and third

i've been thinking all day about if it was smart to post about the 'incident' at work and after a little wisdom from bakerq on the subject i decided to pull it. i don't need to cause any more trouble than i already have.

one bright spot to the day - tony, brian and i successfully executed the 'nextel maneuver' today - salt-n-pepa's push it came on while listening to the ipod, and tony, brian and i were the only ones in the area... so we busted it out. dreams do come true. i should have taken video, but alas, it probably would have killed anyone who watched it.

we tried another local pizza place today, flying pizza, a google local recommendation. great new york style, albeit a bit slow with the cooking action. tony had a calzone (my new mission is to learn to cook those perfectly) and the rest of us enjoyed some slices. while it's no pizza tower, it certainly beats roc-a-fella's pizza (it's the ROC), the last local pizza joint we tried, down in sharonville. AVOID, it was silly slow and overpriced.

so what's your favorite pizza in the nati?


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Blogger B-Call Says:

its still hard to beat LaRosa's, but Chicago's in Fairfield is great. Awesome Chicago deep dish with a nice crusting of burnt cheese around the edges. yummy.
but you WILL get lung cancer if you eat there. i'm still trying to figure out if that's a "minus" or not.

Anonymous Quentin Says:

I am the voice of censorship and the spirit of a demoralized America. My wrath is wrought and my fight is fought. Victory and subjigation go hand in hand as your will is negated. I am crazy delicious.

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, but if you took video, it would probably only get you in more trouble there at work...

Blogger leslierich Says:

I absolutely love dewey's and adriatico's and big dog pizza (west chester style pizza...whatever that means) are in the running too! Glad you had a good time in chicago!

Blogger B-Call Says:

"west chester style" means its rich, white and spoiled.

Blogger scott d Says:

I am incredibly proud of you for two reasons...

(1) You re-enacted "the" commercial
(2) You have "Push It" on the iPod

Good work on both fronts, sir.

Blogger Rob Says:

larosas is good, as is adriaticos (sp)

there's a really good pizza place out right past the indiana border called Noble Roman's. I think its a franchise, but there's not too many in Ohio. I think the nearest one is in Newport in the Aquarium.

Good stuff

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

you can thank renee for me having push it - not because she's a salt-n-pepa junkie, but because she got me a hip hop box set last year with that song.

consequently she's also responsible for us kicking up some Biz Markie action. nothing beats hearing tony sing "YOOOOUUU... GOT WHAT I NEEEEEEED"

Blogger B-Call Says:

good call rob. Noble Roman's is great. If you ever want to see the biggest pizza of your life, go there and get the "Colossus". The only one I've been to is in Columbus, IN. So you're right, I think its more like an Indiana chain.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Noble Romans is all over California also. It's been there for ages. So Brian....you're wrong about two things.....Noble Romans being only in Indiana....and calling me white, rich and spoiled...I might let you slide on white, although the jury is still out on that. But not rich and spoiled....bitch....

P.S. I love LaRosa's but I can't believe nobody has mentioned funky fresh Donatos. C'mon. Mariachi Beef.

Blogger Davie Says:

as far as big chains go, papa john's is my personal favorite. la rosa's is good, but i get tired of it because it seems like that's what people always order for any kind of event.

Blogger The Gooch Says:

I personally hate larosa's. Their sauce is way too sweet for me. It tastes like jelly on a pizza. I agree with Brian that Chicago's pizza is great, but as far a chains, I go for Papa John's.

Blogger dougie Says:

mmmm...jelly pizza (Homeresque drooling noise)

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

ugh, me no likey papa john's.. the sauce is terrible. it's the most generic, flavorless stuff, and their cheese tastes like plastic.

larosas is still #1 for me... their sauce is the closest i can find to my grandmother's family recipe.

nick - you are correct about the mariachi beef. it's the only pizza that i've ever had that requires small packets of sour cream. and you know anytime you stop at the hamrick's house, there's going to be one sitting on the counter.

Blogger Simon Says:

Word to the Sour Cream on the Hamrick's counter! Donatos also has the greatest pizza ever known to man...the Cincinnati Chili Pizza!

Nick, I wouldn't call you white, so therefore you're a West Chester Intruder punk!

Anonymous Artie Says:

I know a great wings place over by your new office.

Blogger ryanham Says:

And why is the sour cream packet sitting on the Hamrick's counter? Because I'm not a wuss and I don't need not sour cream to cut down the heat. BRING IT ON!!!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

The one thing never to ask a Cincinnatian is what is your favorite pizza?513

They have no idea of what good pizza is.

I have entertained many out of town visitors, and they are always shocked that someone served them LaRosa's. Because LaRosa's pizza is CRAP. And then just look at these posts in response to the question...Noble Roman's, Papa John's? 4th rate pre-packaged chain garbage.

No. People in this town have never had high quality pizza, have no conception of it, and have no clue as to what they are missing.

Yup. I grew up in NYC. 'nuff said.


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